Underground utilities engineering services and solutions


Through MUTU NUSANTARA SDN BHD (MNSB), we procure, supply, deliver, install, lay, construct, test and commission as well as inspect, repair and maintain underground utilities or product pipelines that form the overall utility systems for our customers.

This includes:
a. Power cables, auxiliary cables and accessories for electricity transmission and distribution;

b. Telecommunication and fibre optic network for fixed and mobile telephony services;

c. Sewerage pipelines for transportation of sewage; and

d. Drainage pipelines for transportation of water.


Open trench excavation method involves digging and creating a pit of a specific depth in the surface of the ground along the specified route for the installation of each piece of pipeline. 

This method is a cost-effective method for cable or pipeline routes located in non-pavement or grass verge areas. If the route is located on paved area, we will required to restore the pavement after cable laying work is completed.


The trenchless method is an alternative to open trench excavation where there is a need to minimise surface level disruption and surface restoration cost. 

This method is advantageous for the installation of cables or pipelines along routes that could be obstructed by manmade elements (such as pavements, monsoon drains or building structures) or natural elements (such as rivers and forests), or in areas that are difficult to access.

There are generally 2 types of trenchless methods, namely Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Pipe Jacking.

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